Tobias Seitz

About Me

My name is Tobias Seitz and I'm a Research & Teaching Assistant at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich (LMU). I'm all about making the web and gadgetry easier for you and me. Especially, I dedicate time to authentication and its usability.

I spend my days with...

Research 🔬

  • In short: How do we help users to cope with passwords in a more relaxed, user-friendly way?
  • Which persuasive strategies are suitable for password support systems?
  • Which mental models of password management drive user behavior?
  • How can we use mental models about passwords to inform design decisions?

Teaching 🎓

  • Online Multimedia: Web technologies (Polymer, jQuery, NodeJS, MongoDB, PHP, MySQL)
  • Media Technology: Programming paradigms, multimedia production and post-production
  • Advanced Topics of HCI: Usable Security on the Web

Programming 👨‍💻